I am falling tonight
From that heavenly perch
Where I stood vigil for so long
Now, after what I came to witness
There is no way I can standby
Without stepping in
Mankind, you stand in judgement
Forsaking yourselves
You have sinned for the very last time
You have committed your final crime
I am your judge, your jury, your executioner
It is too late
This is your undoing, your final stand, your fate
You cannot turn back
From this final judgement
You are done!



Oh, sweet pain!

How do I refrain?

From ripping out my hair

At your constant presence.

I try, believe me, I do!

But no matter what,

I can never be rid of you.

Sea of Change

Like a turbulent storm-ravaged sea

My emotions are laid out to bear

Twisting and churning in a miasma of torment

Feeling that there is no-one left to care

But with wild abandonment the winds blow

Crashing waves against devastated shore

Upon which stands a figure with loving grace, wanting to know

The pain that is ever present in my soul and ever wanting more

This figure that shines ever so brightly

Casting rays across this turbulent sea

Calms and soothes, caressing me lightly

Washing away all my sorrows, making me see

That this sea, that rages ever on, can cleanse my soul

Leaving me washed and whole

Father Gone

Even though you are dead and gone

I still feel you watching over me

I am a better person now

From what I learned from you, don’t you see?

Through life’s trials and tribulations

I walk these empty streets

With your ghost by my side

There is no place where I can hide

You stand vigilant over me

I now know, in your own way

That you loved me

Hidden Beneath

The face belies the emotions that are hidden underneath.

Feelings of despair, that runs so deep.

If you peel away the layers, they will pour forth from out of the soul,

Upon the ground, where they pool and soak thoroughly, leaving the body cold, empty, and bare.